Care & Maintenance

Eturf’s 4 easy steps to caring for your new lawn:

1. Water your turf – your turf must be kept moist until roots have taken hold (2-3 weeks in warmer months).

Once roots have taken soak well once a week or as weather conditions require. Less frequent deep watering extablishes a deep root system allowing for better tolerance to drought.

2. Keep traffic to a minimum until turf has taken

3. Once turf has taken you can lightly mow your lawn – usually 3 weeks after laying.

4. Lightly Fertilise (and water in) with a nitrogen based fertiliser 2-3 times a year in warmer months to ensure good colour. A feed in mid to late Autumn will help to retain colour during winter.

If you are looking for affordable turf we offer turf delivery with a forklift unloading service, make an online enquiry about turf now.

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