Couch is a very fine leaf grass that makes for the perfect manicured lawn. Due to its horizontal strong growth couch grass is often cut short to maintain the manicured look. Couch is an economical option for homes and recreational areas and has a great wear resistance. Couch is often used in golf courses and on bowling greens (although mown much shorter than residential lawns need to be).

Couch grass is the slowest growing when compared to all other turf varieties and has a good resistance to broadleaf herbicides. For these reasons it is a great choice for those looking for something that is lower maintenance and requires less mowing.

Couch prefers sunny conditions (at least 5-6 hours of full sun) and does not enjoy shady areas. Whilst losing some colour in winter it is quick to return to colour in spring with a good quality fertiliser and water. It responds very well to a nitrogen based fertiliser in combination with an organic fertiliser like dynamic lifter. Couch grass should be fertilised approx. 3-5 times per year depending on the conditions. The best times to fertilise are early spring, late spring, mid-summer and mid to late autumn. Regular fertilising and watering will ensure your couch lawn looks its best.

Couch grass has a very fine leaf which makes it very soft and perfect for young children. Due to the fine leaf, broadleaf weeds sometimes find it easy to pop through. Couch though is very resistance to herbicides that you can use against weeds compared to other turf varieties that can be very sensitive to generic herbicides.

Couch grass spreads quickly via vegetative reproduction which is why it repairs well. It can also spread when it goes to seed and those seeds germinate. This can be troublesome if the seeds germinate in gardens and neighbouring lawns.


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