• Course leaf grass
  • Good wear tolerance
  • Quick repair
  • Good winter colour

Kikuyu is one of Australia’s most popular lawn choices. Kikuyu is an inexpensive choice, has minimal lawn care and repairs from damage quick due to its quick growth. Kikuyu in summer will require weekly mowing and watering.

Kikuyu is also often the first choice for sporting fields and community areas. Again this is associated with its cost and ability to repair quickly from damage that often comes hand in hand with the heavy use of sporting ovals.

Kikuyu Lawn grows best in full sun, however it will handle a small amount of shade. It is easy to grow and is quick establishing. Kikuyu has a good winter colour, a frost in winter can cause some browning off. Kikuyu is an affordable grass which makes it an ideal lawn for larger open areas such as investment properties, parks, subdivisions, golf courses and playing fields.

Pennisetum clandestinum is the technical name for kikuyu and it originated from East Africa. It also a common grass for home and community lawns in South Africa and Southern California.

Kikuyu grass responds very well to a nitrogen based fertiliser. Kikuyu grass should be fertilised approx. 3-5 times per year. The best times to fertilise are early spring, late spring, mid-summer and mid to late autumn. Regular fertilising and watering will ensure your kikuyu lawn looks its best.

Kikuyu grass spreads quickly via vegetative reproduction which is why it repairs well. It can also spread when it goes to seed and those germinate.

Kikuyu lawn is perfect for those on a budget or for large open areas. With the correct care and maintenance your kikuyu lawn can look great and compete with all the best lawns in your street.


Higher numbers indicate best results