Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo

Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo is one of the newer varieties available, originating from Clarendon, NSW in 2001. It was developed to overcome the scratchy feel often associated with broad leaf buffalos.

Sapphire Buffalo enjoys all the same characteristics as other popular buffalos with the added benefit of being the finest leafed buffalo in the world. Sapphire Buffalo grass does not rely on fine leaves for its fine texture, but its folding leaf. When Sapphire is mature, its leaf folds at tight angles along its axis, resulting in a finer texture.

Sapphire Buffalo has great winter colour, which makes it the perfect buffalo all year around. Sapphire is the number one Buffalo in shade. This has been based on averages gathered from the Horticultural Australia and Department of Primary Industries trial data. Sapphire is recommended for up to 70% shade in areas with low wear and up to 50% shade in areas with moderate to high wear.

Sapphire Buffalo has rapid growth across the ground which means it recovers well to wear and damage. In extra high traffic areas it is recommended you fertilise and water more than normal. Due to the tight matt and high performance Sapphire Buffalo is excellent at competing weeds out.

Sapphire Buffalo lawn has a very deep root system, which means it can hang on looking great with less frequent watering. In general your Sapphire lawn should only require one deep water every 1-2 weeks in the warmer months (excluding severe drought conditions).

Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo responds very well to a nitrogen based fertiliser in combination with an organic fertiliser like dynamic lifter. It should be fertilised approx. 3-5 times per year depending on the conditions. The best times to fertilise are early spring, late spring, mid-summer and mid to late autumn. The most important feed is mid to late autumn which helps your Sapphire lawn looking great through winter.


Higher numbers indicate best results