Shade Master Buffalo

Shade Master Buffalo was one of the first buffalo’s that went on sale in the 1990’s. Developed to grow well in shady conditions where other turf varieties like kikuyu and couch do not do well.

Shade Master Buffalo is a broad leaf grass, it is tough and hardy. Shade Master Buffalo is great for high traffic areas as it is tough and hardy. It has great shade tolerance and prefers a warmer climate. It has a thick ground cover helping keep unwanted weeds away. Any weeds that pop up are best hand weeded out.

Having a buffalo lawn can be expensive and Shade Master Buffalo is a great option for those who want a buffalo lawn at an affordable price. Shade Master Buffalo is often used in council parks and schools that are shaded.

Shade Master Buffalo prefers shady conditions and is also great for full sun (at least 3-4 hours of sunlight). Whilst losing colour in winter and developing a purple tip on the leaf it is quick to return to colour in spring with a good quality fertiliser and water. It is often suggested to let your Shade Master Buffalo have a little extra length in winter. This protects it from the cold but also means you can give it a light mow and knock the purple tip off to show the green underneath.

Shade Master Buffalo responds very well to a nitrogen based fertiliser in combination with an organic fertiliser like dynamic lifter. Shade Master Buffalo should be fertilised approx. 3-5 times per year depending on the conditions. The best times to fertilise are early spring, late spring, mid-summer and mid to late autumn. The most important feed is mid to late autumn which helps minimise the colour change.

Shade Master Buffalo is a slower growing buffalo when compared to all other buffalos which means it can require less mowing and maintenance.


Higher numbers indicate best results