Site Preparation


Eturf – Site Preparation Specialists

Eturf offer the complete service: site preparation, soil supply, turf and laying services. Depending on your site preparation requirements we may use a posi track, rotary hoe or turf cutter to prepare your new lawn. Eturf specialise in New Homes and New Lawns for Existing Homes. Our experienced staff are very particular, as the end result of your new lawn is only as good as the preparation done before the turf is laid. We use organic turf underlay to give your new lawn the best start.

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Easy Turf’s 4 easy steps to site preparation:

1. Clear the site of rubbish and debris.

2. Level the area to be turfed, always slope away from buildings.

3. Spread the soil (ask for a turf underlay or loam from your local landscaper supplier) to a minimum depth of 50mm.

4. Ensure soil is 25mm below any paths or edges. Shape the topsoil to your desired contour. You can lightly roll this to find any soft spots.

If you are looking for quality turf we offer turf delivery with a Free forklift unloading service, make an online enquiry about turf now.

To organise a free quote or to receive our current price list, kindly fill out our online form or call Eturf on 49 300 100.