Turf Grass Varieties

Guaranteed to Grow At Eturf, we grow a variety of turf including Kikuyu, Couch and Buffalo. We can provide a solution for many situations.
Kikuyu : Kikuyu is a vigorous growing warm season lawn. It can tolerate a high amount of wear and recovers quickly from damage, making it suitable for highly used areas.Kikuyu Lawn grows best in full sun, however it will handle a small amount of shade. It is easy to grow and is quick establishing. Kikuyu has a good winter colour, and is an affordable grass which makes it an ideal lawn for larger open areas such as investment properties, parks, subdivisions, golf courses and playing fields.
Couch: Couch is a a very fine leaf grass, that grows slowly and enjoys dry and sunny to lighlty shaded areas. Couch is usually mown short and what you would see on golf courses. Couch is also often used on council strips and parks as it requires less mowing than other varieties.
Shade Master Buffalo : Shade Master Buffalo is a broad leaf grass, it is tough and hardy. Shade Master Buffalo is great for high traffic areas as it is tough and hardy. It has an excellent shade tolerance and prefers a warmer climate. It has a thick ground cover helping keep unwanted weeds away. Shade Master Buffalo is a deep green colour with a purple tip in winter. Shade Master is a very affordable buffalo and is a popular choice for landscapers and new home owners.
Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo : Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo is the only high performance, fine leaf buffalo in the world. It is tough and hardy and great for high traffic areas and enjoys both sunny and shady areas. It has a fine and soft texture and holds its colour very well through the winter. Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo has a deep root system meaning it has great drought tolerance and thrives with less frequent deep waterings. It has a very tight matt, meaning weeds find it hard to come through.
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